HVAC Duct Cleaning: An Important HVAC Maintenance Step

Your HVAC system works hard. All day long, it pulls air in, pushes it out, and copes with the dirt, debris, and buildup that job creates. That’s why HVAC Duct Cleaning is so important if you want your system to keep running strong. Here at Full Comfort Heating and Air, LLC, we specialize in quality, comprehensive HVAC Duct Cleaning you can trust. Whether your system is new or a few years old, we’ll restore your ducts to their former glory. Contact us today at (865) 850-4422 to learn more, or to schedule your Kodak, CA cleaning appointment today.

How Often to Have HVAC Duct Cleaning Done

Wondering how frequently you should have your HVAC ducts cleaned? As a general rule, most experts recommend doing it at least once a year – or before the winter season. Some people, however, prefer to hire HVAC Duct Cleaning twice a year – before winter and summer. This serves a few important purposes, namely making sure the ducts are free of rodents, buildups, and debris, and improving your indoor air quality all year long.

Ready to book your HVAC Duct Cleaning appointment? Offering complete, professional HVAC services in the Kodak, CA area, our team specializes in helping your home run the way it should. Contact us today at: (865) 850-4422.


Chris is always there when we need him and does an amazing job.

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We own several cabins, some with as much as 6 AC units in the m. Chris is always available to answer and gets out right away to make sure our guests are comfortabl e. he has even found out some things were still under warranty, where others have told us we need to pay for a whole new unit! We ONLY use Chris. Fast, honest, reasonably priced, and pleasant with our guests. I highly recommend it!

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Honest, reliable & professional. Work was scheduled and and completed in timely manner which was great since it is their busy season.

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